We Provide Bulk Ingredients

Brooke Fine Foods is a proud supplier of today’s finest bulk ingredients. We are importers, distributors, warehousing specialists, and suppliers of a wide range of food products. Our focus is simple: build exclusive, long-term relationships with international suppliers and growers to create competitive advantages here at home.

Most crops sourced for our bulk ingredients come from two different hemispheres. We understand that growing seasons can change from year-to-year, whether that’s the weather or other political, economic, social or technological influences, so we take a proactive approach to managing our supply chain.

To ensure our bulk ingredients always have a high degree of availability for our customers

  • Our representatives work with suppliers ahead of each harvest to understand if or why it is short, and work to seek out alternative crops to maintain desired local supply levels.
  • Our team always balances exchange rates, tariffs, and duties to offer fair, competitive pricing on every product - fulfilling our mission: good quality products at a fair price

Our Bulk Ingredient portfolio includes a wide range of dried vine, tree and tropical fruit, nuts, grains and seeds, beans and lentils, vinegar, puree, starch’s and flours, peanut butter, canned goods, snacks, mixes and specialty products. These are just the beginning of what is possible to access through Brooke Fine Foods.

Be sure to visit our Products page for a full list of our bulk ingredient possibilities.


We Provide Iconic Brands for Supermarkets and  Retail

Brooke Fine Foods represent iconic international brands like Mrs Balls, Peppadew, and Yes You Can amongst others and our very own pre-pack Summer Harvest range into the supermarket channel and independent retail brands.


Private Label Products with Brooke Fine Foods

Our team supplies numerous private-label products within the New Zealand / Oceania grocery sectors. Because of our relationships with global suppliers, we can source a wide array of ingredients from around the globe to meet your specific needs.

High-quality ingredient access is only the first necessary step in the launch of private-label items. Our 30+ years as an import broker in this industry allows Brooke Fine Foods to proactively manage the supply chain and import relationships on your behalf.

This process helps to keep costs low, giving you a competitive edge with your private-label product.


How May We Serve You Today?

From the fields to the shelves, and every other step necessary along the way, Brooke Fine Foods monitors every shipment throughout its journey. With local operations and our company infrastructure, you are guaranteed to find the high-quality ingredients required for your goods.

Your success defines our own. With our focus on information access, long-term relationships, and innovative products, you will find that our services are complementary to the efforts you make each day.