Brooke Fine Foods imports and distributes high-quality bulk ingredients with the same professionalism today as it did 30 years ago. Our business evolves to ensure each customer receives the best possible product at a fair, competitive price.

We bring the world to New Zealand. By managing volumes and controlling costs, we serve you through the exclusive agreements and long-term relationships built with our international and local suppliers as well as local food manufacturing providers.

We specialise in the provision of bulk food ingredients such as dried vine, tree, and tropical fruits, nuts, grains, and seeds. We also offer access to legumes, such as beans and lentils. Canned goods, peanut butter, vinegar, starches, flours, purees, snacks, various mixes, and specialty products are all represented.


Brands We Represent

Brooke Holdings Limited began trading food products in 1984 because of a desire to represent the finest global brands available today.

We represent several iconic brands which you likely use now or have used in the past, including Mrs. Balls, Peppadew, and Yes You Can.

You will also find our pre-pack range, Summer Harvest. We supply private-label products to the grocery sectors of New Zealand/ Oceania offering an excellent selection of items imported from around the globe.

Our philosophy follows common sense guidelines of professionalism and support. We believe it is important to have access to a high-quality product range which represents good value. We also focus on the relationships formed with each supplier and client, allowing the strength of our combined diversity to serve as a guide for future business opportunities.


How Our Story Began

Brooke Holdings Ltd began operations as a food importer and distribution company when Trevor Walsh joined the firm as a director and shareholder our first efforts were to import dried tree and vine fruits from South Africa with wheat starch and gluten from Australia.

As our business grew, we began expanding our product range to offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality ingredients. This action grew our supplier base, which led to more product access, including items packed ready-for-sale.

During our early periods of expansion, we developed warehousing and administrative support facilities throughout New Zealand and Australia.


Why Choose Brooke Fine Foods?

Access to high-quality ingredients in today’s import market requires an experienced broker to manage your supply chain and global relationships.

Our approach is realistic, fact-driven, and informed. From monthly crop updates to reports on external factors which impact ingredient accessibility, we focus on the communication of solutions.

Honesty and openness allow you and us to achieve our vision, mission, and goals.

We manage volumes, control costs, and serve markets with the same professionalism we offered on our first day in business and we are an awesome bunch of people to work with.

At Brooke Fine Foods, our fundamental philosophy is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, high quality product range that represents good value.